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    Business Management

    Operational Diligence
    Cost Studies
    Equipment Analysis
    Capital Budgeting

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    Accounting Diligence
    Financial Reporting
    Payroll Processing
    Tax Compliance

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    Business Planning

    Performance Management
    Strategic Marketing Support
    HR and Management Reporting

Our Team


Heydar Babayev

Business Development Principal

Heydar is a principal of the firm who specializes in identifying strategic business opportunities that grow revenues. His international business experience is valuable in identifying financial opportunities which match investment strategies. Our clients benefit from his wealth of knowledge in understanding performance management throughout business operations that either add or detract from profits.

David Williams

Market Manager

David is a highly experienced management consultant who is an expert in the global healthcare industry. He has a wealth of experience in developing healthcare systems and large-scale operations that drive regional and national management systems. He specializes in forecasting, planning, compliance and structuring.